Desmond and Scott Feb. 2018 – San Francisco – Location, Tommys Joynt

This is the first of I hope many stories/blogs of the people I meet throughout my life’s journey.

Just spent the last three hours talking to two complete strangers… with a combined age of 155. They didn’t want a picture taken but Scott (71) and Desmond (84) the Irishman were great to talk too! We were talking across the room but I eventually joined Desmond at his table, while Scott was sitting at adjoining table.
Both are frequent visitors to Tommy’s and their only interaction is when they occasionally see each other there.

Scott who disclosed he has autism knows his way around electronics, preferably the older televisions and hi-fi stereos. He talked about how he still has issues with social interaction and other issues but we hit it off quite well. He prefers the fistbump over the handshake lol

Desmond born in Ireland recalled working as young as 8 years old but got in with the electrician’ s union and eventually worked on many of the elevators in the San Francisco area. He claimed he is in hiding from the IRA but I’m pretty sure that was a joke?! And for the record Desmond is a handshaker.

That was a great way to spend my last evening in San Francisco.

– Tony

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